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Sunfresh Marketing Co-operative Limited is a Sunshine Coast based avocado and selected tropical fruits growers co-operative marketing tropical fruit brands globally.

Fruit Growers Sunfresh Represents:


Why we’re your #1 marketing choice for avocados and selected subtropical fruit:

  • Grower-owned cooperative working for growers
  • Experienced, friendly and reliable customer service
  • Largest direct exporter of Australian avocados
  • Leaders in innovative, future-focussed research and development
  • Reputation for outstanding quality control
  • Consistent high returns and low fees
  • Modern packing facility
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Latest News

Robin Waddington appointed as Production Lead

  Many of you that have visited us over the years may recall bumping into Rob. Rob has worked for Sunfresh on and off over the years and has remained a [...]

Welcome Dorian Pozzan Sunfresh’s new Accountant

                      The newest addition to the Sunfresh Team is accountant Dorian Pozzan who is no stranger to the co-operative business model [...]

Sunfresh within weeks away of taking over Avocado Processing in Australia

Sunfresh is excited to get underway in the coming weeks with only a few more components to arrive at the processing facility in Coolum. Using a world first innovative technology our [...]

New export markets for West Australian avocados likely soon

The avocado industry says it is the closest it has ever been to securing new export agreements for lucrative avocado markets in Thailand and Japan. Source: New export markets for West [...]

Advance Queensland Innovation and Investment Summit

The inaugural Innovation and Investment Summit (27–29 April 2016) put a global spotlight on Queensland innovation, bringing together some of the world’s best visionaries in technology and innovation to inspire and [...]

8 Disruptive Digital Technologies… with the Power to Transform Agriculture

Source: 8 Disruptive Digital Technologies... with the Power to Transform Agriculture | Aidan Connolly 7k+ | Pulse | LinkedIn   10,000 years of agricultural evolution can be largely grouped into just [...]

WA avocado growers could export

AVOCADO growers in Western Australia could have the opportunity to export to Japan and Thailand. Source: WA avocado growers could export   SHANNON TWOMEY, The Weekly Times January 25, 2017 10:01am [...]

Removing labor in the packhouse to reduce cost-per-pack and increase profit

Removing labor in the packhouse to reduce cost-per-pack and increase profit Posted by Andrew McQueen We all know that skilled labor is becoming more difficult to find and increasingly expensive to [...]

Pineapple farmers apply ‘sunblock’ to fruit in Queensland heatwave

Sunshine Coast pineapple farmers are concerned their fruit will burn and become unsaleable in extreme heat. Source: Pineapple farmers apply 'sunblock' to fruit in Queensland heatwave   Pineapple farmers on the [...]


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