Citrus Bubbles™

Citrus Bubbles – Snap frozen Australian Native Finger Limes for use throughout the year.

Sunfresh Marketing are excited to offer frozen whole Australian Native Citrus Bubbles™ Finger Limes to customers.

Our Citrus Bubbles™ are grown locally on the Sunshine Coast and exclusive to Sunfresh Marketing.  The whole fruit has been snap-frozen so all of the goodness is locked in. Simply defrost, and the finger lime pulp can be used in the same way you would use fresh pulp.

Chefs across Australia have been discovering the unique zesty flavour of the finger lime and using it to add drama and flavour to dishes. Sunfresh Marketing have made Citrus Bubbles™ assessable to chefs, hospitality industries and consumers for use throughout the year.

For wholesale enquiries, please contact Sunfresh Marketing by calling 07 5446 3783

  • Sunshine Coast grown

  • 100% Natural Frozen Pulp

  • Whole Fruit

How our Chef’s are using Citrus Bubbles™